Marine 1

Lee M Withey- A photo documentation of past maritime experiences

Arriving at Rio de Janeiro

Arriving at Rio de Janeiro from Louisiana after a 5500 mile nonstop voyage. Finally, the engines can be shut down. This was the maiden voyage for this New vessel, 250 feet in length.

The Rock!

Welcome to Alcatraz. The Rock! You can see the tour boat.

Africa. Arriving at the job. going into DP mode

250 foot diesel electric dynamic positioning with full automation. I really liked working on this vessel in the United States and Africa.

Transocean drillship in deep water G.O.M.

I enjoyed being contracted to drillships because we would do many different operations.

Cameron sub-sea manifold tree

This tree’s final resting places will be on the ocean floor about 8000’ down. This equipment is designed so ROV remote operated vehicles can operate it.

Cameron sub-sea manifold trees

DP mode at the drillship for offloading Cameron equipment

  Cameron sub-sea manifold tree

Cargo operations at drillship

Cat 3608 propulsion with 900 KW PTO Gen

Caterpillar 3608 main propulsion driving a variable pitch propeller through the bottom output of a Scanna Volda reduction gear. Also there's a 900 kilowatt PTO generator driven off the top output of the gear. One of two units


Africa offshore diesel bunkers. The tankers pump to us and we pump to other vessels at sea. Day or night


Rock and Roll. Loading diesel at night offshore Nigeria. 


Nigeria. Armed guards between the ages of 14 and 99 were always on board our vessel. 

United Arab Emirates

Dubai UAE. This guy was awesome 

United States

The business end of a brand new diesel electric AHTS. 


Rolls Royce electro hydraulic anchor handling winch

Persian Gulf

Don’t worry about it you’re not out there

South America

Somewhere in South America. Anchor Windlass Equipment


Going from point A to point B


Nigeria. My Home away from home. The outside vessel. 

Mid Atlantic going to The Dubai U.A.E. and Qatar

Another going from point A to point scenario.


The pilot boat meets us in Sicily