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A photo documentation of past maritime experiences, target shooting and reloading

Just fur fun and also not necessary for such a basic Website. This Search Engine below is for this website only. Incredible 

Supply Vessel Persian Gulf

photo of offshore supply vessel with decks awash

Don’t worry about it you’re not out there

Ark, Constellation, Truxtun

photo of USS Truxtun CGN-35

USS Truxtun CGN-35 on the right My home

Supply Vessel Africa

photo of offshore supply vessel with deck cargo

Deck cargo is only one part of the job

Diesel Electric Frac Vessel

photo of diesel electric oil well stimulation Frac Vessel

Frac vessel. One of my past jobs as C/E

Towing Semi Sub Rig

Argentina, 500 mile tow  

Diesel Electric Anchor Handler

photo of diesel electric anchor handling vessel

220 foot diesel electric ex-anchor handler. I delivered this to the North Sea from USA

Diesel Electric Vessel turning around

Photo of offshore supply vessel turning around

A fantastic picture of us doing quick turn around

Anchor Handling Vessel Underway

Photo of an anchor handling vessel underway

We were going from point A to point B

About Me

I’m a retired merchant  marine chief engineer and master.

I enjoyed a career working on vessels serving the oil and gas industry. 

Hello and good day. I started this website to document some of my past experiences as a Merchant Marine and also experiences with target shooting and reloading. I was raised in a marine and aviation oriented environment. When I was  young, my family moved from Michigan to the Caribbean. At a young age I was interested in joining the Navy. Getting kicked out of private boarding school two weeks prior to graduation gave me the push to make this happen. I joined the Navy and served as engineman for three years active duty onboard a nuclear powered guided missile cruiser. This was a great experience and I was able to see many places on the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Post Navy I worked on yachts. This was major party time and I actually remember some of it. I think it had something to do with a lamp shade? There're many good, bad, funny, interesting and idiotic stories from those times. I Worked in the capacities of captain, mate and engineer with additional duties as liaison, waiter, bartender, janitor, French maid and unlicensed limousine chauffeur. I'm talking about a Florida drivers license not a chauffeurs license. I've held a 100 Ton Masters license since the late 1980's. I worked as unlicensed engineer for an ocean salvage company. I liked this because it was a mission without all the foo, foo, fuddy, duddy, yippy, yappie yuppie yachty stuff. In 1990, after obtaining an engineering license, I went to work on commercial vessels in the oil and gas industry. Since that time I've worked in the capacity of chief engineer on vessels specializing in various jobs. These, include multiple vessel, 3D seismic survey, oil well stimulation fracture, commonly referred to as FRAC JOBS. Additional jobs include oil rig towing and positioning, oil rig supply- cargo, bulk and liquids, contract work for the Military Sealift Command, oil spill clean up- BP Horizon disaster, deep water remote operated vehicle work, deep water manifold tree placement and the loading, transporting and pumping of the volatile liquid- methanol. Also, I served as the chief engineer for ship deliveries from North America to the North Sea, Persian Gulf, Africa, South America and also Panama Canal Transit. I've worked in many parts of the World with people of different nationalities. Anyway, life goes on and memories from past experiences remain vivid. I'm interested in my family genealogy and I have a websites dedicated to the topic. 

Fairbanks Morse OP

I operated these during my navy days 

EMD Electro Motive Division

I operated these on several different vessels

Anglo Belgian Corporation

Inside a tugboat engineroom. What most people don’t see

Man B&W

I toured one in the Azores

The Site Team

Photo of Marguerite Stuart Conant, Withey

Marguerite Conant Withey


Marguerite, wife of Charles
Shepard Withey who was the Son of Judge Solomon Lewis Withey

Photo of Marion Louise Hinsdill, Withey

Marion Hinsdill Withey


Marion, wife of Judge Solomon L. Withey who was the Son of Solomon Withey

Photo of Maude Harris, Withey

Maude Withey


Maude Withey, Harris, Robinson Daughter of Lewis Hinsdill Withey who was the Son of Solomon Lewis Withey

JRB-3 Expeditor {C18-S} Beechcraft, Palm Beach County, Doc Withey arriving

‍Lee Withey Linkedin
‍My Linkedin is basicalley a bunch of BS

Above is a link to my family genealogy website. Now this is the primary site and leemwitheyancestors.com is secondary.


Above is a link to the Mitena website. Mitena is a 71 foot 12 Meter sailboat that my family was involved with back in the good old days.


Above is a link to the Windigo website. Windigo was a 71 foot Sparkman & Stephens sailboat that my family was involved with also. Back in the day.

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