Marine 2

Lee M Withey- A photo documentation of past maritime experiences




Transocean drillship from helicopter

I always enjoyed flying

Onne port Nigeria

Nigeria. I was chief engineer on the grey DP vessel. 250 foot diesel electric with full automation.  REPLACE  THIS PHOTO its a repeeet

Fuel Transfer pump

This is how fuel is pumped off the vessel to a rig or ship etc- - -

Rolls Royce Aquamaster Z-drive

DC Drive motor and cardan shaft. The Rolls Royce Ulstein Z-Drive unit operates an azimuth main propulsion propeller. The propeller is inside a quart nozzle and the whole unit rotates 360 degrees therefore a rudder is not necessary. There’re two of these units and also two bow thrusters. One of them is a tunnel thruster and the other is a drop down retractable thruster. This is for deepwater use only because it lowers below the hull. This is also a 360 degree azimuth thruster and it can actually move the vessel through the water. With all four thrusters operating independently, the vessel maintains position offshore at a rig or wherever. This is a 250 foot diesel electric, fully automated, dynamic positioning vessel. It was brand new when I first started working on it. This was way back in the day when propellers were made out of wood.

Cameron subsea manifold

I looked at everything and could not figure it out?

Dubai UAE

ULCC – Ultra Large Crude Carrier. The largest in the world at one time. This is Dubai Drydocks. I’ve been in the same lock withe 6 other vessels.


Aft control station used primarily for D.P operations.


LNG ships

Leith, Edinburgh Scotland

One of a few deliveries from USA to the North Sea

EMD 20-645

I've been on vessels with two and also four EMD diesel propulsion engines

Generator and Drive Motor Controls

This was one of my areas on the vessel and also my favorite 

Cat 3516 2200 Kilowatt Generater

Our spare. This Cat 3516 generator unit was placed in a special container and we took it to Africa from Texas. It was cannibalized by the Nigerians and sold for beer money.

Cameron subsea manifold up and away 

The Cameron equipment ended up in position on the ocean floor approx 7,000 feet down.

Gulf of Mexico

Another delivery from the Gulf of Mexico to the North Sea


Argentina after a 500 mile tow. The  was brought over from Spain.


Water depth a few hundred feet. Rigs legs just long enough.